A Personal View

"Setting up the Easel"   watercolor   10 x14"

John Yardley is one of the most accomplished and versatile watercolorists of his generation.  Renowned for his outstanding ability to capture the vitality of a scene with a few well-placed brush strokes, his particular skill lies in drawing the eye into a composition by painting a passage of bright color among muted tones, or conveying movement with a confident sweep paint.  In John Yardley, A Personal View, the artist discusses the appeal of watercolor as a medium, and how he exploits its unique properties to accommodate his individual, fluent style.

"Showing the Flags, Savannah"   watercolor   14 x 10"

John Yardley was born in Beverley, Yorkshire in 1933.  In 1986 he gave up a career in banking to dedicate himself to full time painting.